Angela Ridgway

contemporary metal artist

The metal, for me, is key for telling my story in my art.  The rustic metal has traveled and served a purpose, and now is transformed into something else; something just as purposeful as its original function.  The shape, holes, and texture add visual and tactile elements that are vital to the whole story. When I combine this with both organic and iridescent hues, it sends the metal, and me, on a new, artistic journey.


healing hearts

I am working on a new healing hearts series.  These come from my heart and represent ways our hearts heal after sadness, loss, grief, or other life experiences. I have a few available for the Washougal Studio Artists Tour Mother’s Day weekend. And you may custom order different sizes and colors. Check them out here. They are from my heart to yours.


when darkness comes


trees & flowers



etched copper

wall art

healing hearts

small art



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